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Episode #16 - Exorcism (Part 2 - Q&A)

Ulu answers questions about his experience and understanding of exorcism in our look at demonic possession

April 30, 2019 21 minutes Exorcism Download (MP3)

We continue our survey of exorcism by asking Ps. Ulu specific questions about his experience and understanding of demonic possession. Make sure to listen to Part 1 of our discussion on Exorcism.

There is no way to beat around the bush, today we are going to be talking about exorcism and demonic possession. We won't be talking about either exorcism or demonic possession abstractly or theoretically, but from a tangible, quantifiable experience. My guest today is Ulu, a pastor of a church in Auckland, New Zealand. Ulu has experience with the specific incident that we will shortly discuss and additional years of seeing individuals set free from the effects of demonic oppression as a pastor and a Christian.

Why are we looking at exorcism, one of the most controversial, hollywoodized, dramatic aspects of Christian faith? The media sensationalises demonic possession. It makes these events seem as though they are master strokes of some dark hand. And while they are real, they are not quite as they seem, not as most people see them on a screen. So let's begin. Let's look at the demonic.