WiraCast - For Heroes

Episode #11 - Drowned

[B-Side] Are you overwhelmed, drowning, engulfed? Or dead at the bottom of the lake? There's hope.

February 01, 2019 24 minutes Hope Download (MP3)

Most of us will encounter periods of existence where there is no hope of reprieve.

My father almost drowned in a lake as a child and was rescued by a stranger passing by. The event was all over the local newspapers. I have seen clippings. I owe my existence to the assistance of a passing stranger. But my father pulled himself onto that stranger (to the best of my knowledge), my father called for help or waved his arms in distress. He was well enough alive to participate in the rescue.

Is that an accurate portrayal of you or I; calling out for help amidst our metaphoric tides? Perhaps we are not dying, perhaps we are already silent and still at the bottom of the lake. The stranger unable to assist. Today we look at pride, specifically intellectual pride and move quickly from there to question to what extent it is in the ability of our mind to understand, process and respond to the most severe threats. Are we boating, floating or dead?

Audio from "Be About The Cure" by Sye Ten Burggencate