WiraCast - For Heroes

Episode #10 - Innovator, Criminal, Christian

[B-Side] Christian Hosoi defines a term like legend. A celebrity, turned addict, rescued.

December 13, 2018 17 minutes 1990s Download (MP3)

Christian Hosoi defines a term like legend. Within skateboarding no one better personifies style, athleticism, innovation, success, fame and charisma. No famous skateboarder alive today doubts that without Christian Hosoi there would have been no skateboarding counter culture in the eighties and nineties. The innovator of a subculture that included every famous Californian punk musician and skate star of the late 20th century, to say Christian was a star barely scratches the surface.

But a house of cards, regardless of its architecture is not meant to stand. Hosoi's unique destruction and candid reflection upon his actions and thoughts at the time make this a unique Wiracast. This story is told from the mouth of Christian and former nightclub dancer and wife: Jennifer.

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