WiraCast - For Heroes

Episode #08 - Adult Film Star, Addict, Christian

We look at the life of 31 year old Brittni De La Mora, better known as porn star Jenna Presley.

November 16, 2018 19 minutes Porn Download (MP3)

Brittni De La Mora (nee Ruiz) better known as porn star Jenna Presley, was active in the sex industry before her 18th birthday. Brittni / Jenna would eventually star in almost 300 films, be declared one of the greatest porn stars by Maxim Magazine, Playboy Magazine and Complex Magazine.

We examine the life of this young lady; this life so full of things we can barely imagine and yet also so full of affluence, fame, money and experience. In her late-twenties Brittni had walked away from more fame, personal destruction and addiction than most men or women will know in many lifetimes. How did she do this, what is her story in her words, is there a lesson for us to learn from her experience? Can someone really change? We look at Brittni and pornography addiction.

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