WiraCast - For Heroes

Episode #03 - Murderer, Rapist, Christian

We look at how pornography affected Ted Bundy and contributed to his tragic notoriety.

September 28, 2018 12 minutes Antihero Download (MP3)

In our second podcast in our Antihero series we look at the life of Ted Bundy. More specifically we look at how pornography affected Bundy and contributed to his tragic notoriety as one of the western worlds most prolific rapists and serial killers.

Years after Bundy's killing spree, while in prison awaiting the death penalty, Bundy came to the realisation that he was in grave error and presented his life to Jesus Christ. As a result of this change, Bundy approached famous psychologist and radio host Dr. Jame Dobson. Bundy's wish was to warn a nation regarding the influences that allowed his compulsions to reach full bloom. In an hour long interview just hours before Bundy's execution, he related to Dr. Dobson how pornography had promoted his crimes. In a stirring interview it is fascinating to take away from this exchange the apparent bewilderment of Bundy at societies ability to surpass the depravity of his crimes in its fiction and fantasy.

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